Virtual Symposiums - Virtual Campus

The virtual symposium projects are a series of applications requested by various different branches of MedStar Health that are looking to share and display their research symposium papers in a different, more innovative way. These research symposiums are held annually, however, not employees that wish to attend can make the event.

Together with these clients the SiTEL Digital Media Services Team (DMS) developed a high tech solution to view the posters and "experience" the symposium after the event. By navigating through the space and clicking on the kiosks users are able to read papers submitted. The above picture is the most recent installment. VIEW A LIVE DEMO

The flagship symposium was the one requested by MHRI in January of 2013. Due to the success of the MHRI Virtual Symposium application in 2013, the DMS team has received multiple requests to develop a similar application for other branches of MedStar. With 3 new branches cooperating with SiTEL to develop Virtual Symposiums, the DMS team continues to search for different ways to build upon past releases.